Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally an Update!

Ok so I know i have been slacking on the blog and I really apologize to everyone who checks it every week and says " Hmmm nothing yet"!!! You can all thank Celeste for the update finally! She makes sure to remind me weekly that we have not updated the blog!
As far as our time since the last update our life has been spun into a new whirlwind! In August Manny went to the K9 Academy and we officially added a new member to the family! His name is Rex....he is one heck of a dog and now I rest a little easier knowing my Hubby is not out there alone! He has a great sidekick!!
Speaking of a new addition......In September we found out that we were expecting a baby!!! I was about 11 weeks when we found out and in November we went for our big ultrasound and they gave us the news that it was a little boy!! Man was my hubby in cloud nine!! It was a very special moment for us, I cried and Manny just about jumped out of his chair with excitement! This pregnancy has been just as eventful as the last one, with test scares and stress but as of December all is fine and baby is doing great! We are looking to receive our "little Cowboys Quarterback" in April!!
We have had a wonderful few months, very busy and exhausting but as far as I can say, so far the most fun we have had in a long time!!! Our roadtrips have taken us to San Luis Potosi Mexico, Victoria TX, San Antonio, TX, Artesia NM, El Paso TX, Phoenix AZ!!! The list goes on!! (by the way this has all been just since September!)
I will try to be more punctual on the pictures!


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