Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting to meet "Auntie" Celeste

Here are some really fun pics we took at Grandma's house this last week! She got to meet Celeste for the first time and she loved it! We all went home to see Grandma Coco because she had surgery done on her back! Grandma looked great after the surgery! 86 years old and coming out of surgery better than a 20 year old.....God bless her..I can only dream of being half as healthy at her age...I just hope I'm still alive at her age!!! Enjoy the pics!

Daddy i want one of these instead of a pony!!

I think she looks way to comfortable on daddy's bike!! Maybe daddy can buy her one of these instead of a pony one day!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Andreah thinks Halloween wigs are soooo funny!!! She looks so cute in this one!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cute pic in her Sun Hat!

Here is Andreah in her outfit that Grandma & Grandpa Sanchez gave her! Thank you!

Andreahs Baptismal

Sorry it took us so long to post all these pictures! We have been so busy and we finally were able to take a break and post!! Thank you to everyone who came to Arizona to celebrate with us! We appreciate you being able to spend this wonderful day with us! We thank God that Andreah is here and that we were able to be together on the day that Andreah began her walk with God through life! Thank you to all who were with us in prayer and spirit! We felt your presence with us! Hope you enjoy these pics
This is the oldest and youngest of the "Gonzalez" girl cousins!!! Andreah and Nallely!

Here are a few pics of Andreah and her Madrina Nelly!!!

Here is a picture of my beautiful flower!!! Her dress was beautiful!! Thank you "Nina" Nelly!

Here are few of our good friends here in Willcox, Patty, Jose, Karina and Paulina! Thank you for coming.
Here is the whole family together once and for all!! Finally we got all of us together! Thank you "Compadre" for coming to Willcox!!!!
Here is a cute pic of Andreah and her Nino Stephen!
Are you able to see that the "Holy Ghost" was with us!! Mija looks beautiful and the hand to the right of the picture kinds makes things scary!!!

Here is another cute pic of Mija!!! What a little angel!

Here are Nino, Nina and Erik posing with us!!! Look at my handsome "guero" posing!!! What a cutie!!! Thank you guys for coming! We love you guys!
Here Andreah was lucky enough to have part of the "Tejano Four" in town for her baptismal!!! Thank you Tio Danny! What a lucky girl, there was no Tejano band in concert that weekend!!! Here are the beautiful ladies of " Moon City" Sarai, Nesavay and Denise! Thank you guys for coming, you guys are so great to us we love you very much!
Here is Nallely and her Madrina Nelly!! Thank you for coming!!! Not ever Hurricane Ike could rain on our party!!! We Love you guys!!
Here are Tio Pelon and Tia Ambrosia.......This is our Arizona Family!! We love you guys so much and appreciate everything you do for us!!! Thanks Oscar and Amber!!
Here is picture of Andreah and us with "Our little ray of Sunshine" JR!!! Thanks for always making us see the brighter side of things!!! But really thank you for coming we appreciate you and all you do for us!!! You know you are our family here in Willcox!

Watch out for all the boys in this pic Andreah!!!

Andreah and her Padrinos!!! Thank you both for coming from so far away to share this special day with us!
Grandma and Grandpa ....... you guys are wonderful!!! We Love you guys!
Andreah with her Great Grandparents--- Coco & Lely Thank you for coming down!

Here we are putting on Andreah's bracelet.
Here is a pic of Mom and Andreah!!! What are you guys doing back there Denise and Nallely!
Here is full view of Mija in her dress!
Here with are with Fr. Stein!!! Thank you for a great day Fr. We appreciate everything you do for us!! And dont forget all the Ladys!!! WOO HOO!!

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