Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Big Day!!

Here are some pics of my big day! The party turned out great!! We had lots of people that came to share this special day with me physically and also in spirit! Thank you all for the beautiful gifts and for being here to share this special day with me! Each and everyone of you means so much to me!! The pictures will show you how much fun we had as well as all my friends and family!!!

My 1st Birthday!!!

MY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Here are some pics from Mija's 1st birthday! This is the actual day of her birthday! The party pictures will follow! She happened to receive 2 gifts in the mail on her actual birthday, so when we came home from Tucson and Peter Piper Pizza, we had her open the gifts from Tia Celeste and Tia MaryAnn! Then we had some ice cream cake!

Day before the big Party!

The day before my party Daddy had to build the present grandma and grandpa bought me! Noone realized it was a weekend job! Every single plank had to be put together one by one!

Later on that afternoon, we danced and Jonah came over and brought me my gift! We had fun opening it and then playing!

Swimming with Jonah and Nallely!

I love Daddy's work stuff!!! Bring it!!

Hanging with the grandparents!

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