Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here are the San Diego pics I promised a while back! I also uploaded some pictures we recently took at the Chiricahua Mountains when Nina Nelly and Tio Tim came down!!!

Here are more pics!

Here are some pics cousin Nallely took on her camera! She is spending the summer with us in Arizona and helping me out so much with Andreah!!!

I am WALKING!!!!!!

Andreah finally decided to take her first steps! Soon enough it will be off to the races for her!!!! Mommy and Daddy were so happy!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So here is quick overview of what we updated this week on the blog! It has all happened in a matter of some months but I posted everything together! Mom and dad recently came to visit Andreah and got to see some of her new tricks! She makes a touchdown signal when you tell her touchdown and boy does that make daddy and grampa so proud! We are getting her ready for football season!!! She likes to scare people with her monster scream and monster face! I dont know if you will be able to notice which picture is her monster pic!!! My Godparents celebrated their 25th Anniversary and although we were unable to attend mom brought pics and I decided to post them because both my Godmothers are in the pictures!!! There are some pics of the family in as well!
I am happy to announce that the Sanchez family has another grandchild off to the real world! Congratulations Michael on your graduation!! May God continue to bless you! Good luck at NMSU!!!!
I decided to put a picture of mom and dad's other baby!! Just so Celeste can see that Scottie is not the only spoiled brat in the world!!! Zoe has got her own Calif. King bed!!! lol
Grandpas Vasquez have had the boys (Stevan, Danny, Gus and my Dad) working on the new roof!! The house looks way cool according to Denise! It has a new pitched roof! Great work guys!!!
Our supermodels (Sarai and Nesavey) took some pics out at grandmas house and I have no idea where they learned to pose like that!!! We are gonna have to talk to Denise about that!!!
In April, we made a trip to El Paso for Grama and Grampa Vasquez's 65th anniversary and had some time to visit our wonderful aunts, Kika and Eva and the beautiful Candy!! Andreah was able to meet Eva and Candy for the first time. She met Kika at Ninos funeral! We had some great food with great company!! Please keep Eva in your prayers as she continues to struggle with her health!
Not long after Nino passed Erik had his annual Golf tournament! He says his dad was there with him as our own "Tiger Woods" took first place in every event! He is an awesome golfer and was able to prove his abilities at this tournament! Mom and Dad were able to be with him and Nina and JoAnn and the girls as Erik won the Tourney! Great Job Erik!!!
The remainding pics are some we took after church when mom and dad came in April! Some are nice and some are just for fun! Andreah has such a silly personality and she loves the camera!! The camera loves her too I think, but what can I say Im the Mom!!!! Andreah and her dad have a lot of similar qualites and there is a picture to show it! They even have the same sleepy look!!!!
Thank you to Tio Fernie for giving us a little bit of UTEP in Arizona!!! Andreah enjoys wearing and playing with her poncho!!!
Hope you all enjoy the pics! I hope to update again soon!!!! I will be taking some pics of Andreah in the next few months leading to her first birthday!!! Hope this finds everyone well! We love and Miss you all!

Some Recent Pics!

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