Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here is a quick update on our lives!!

Well it has been awhile since I have been able to get online and update everyone on our lives!!! This year has flown by in our household! We have been through the good the bad and the ugly around here!!!
First off here are some Andreah facts!!! She is now 8 months old. She has 8 teeth and 4 more coming in. She crawls on all fours now as apposed to her previous sniper crawl and is walking around holding on to things! She recently realized she could stand without assistance and has given mommy a few scares! She got her first bruise and it was on her cheek! Poor girl! She is growing up really fast and that makes Mommy and Daddy kinda sad! She says MaMa and PaPa and on a good day, when we try really hard she says agua! Her next appointment will be in April and we will get height and weight there! As for our family life! Well alot has gone on in the past few months.
Valentines Day was great, Grama Rose and Grampa Ray and Erik came to visit Andreah for her first Valentines Day! Daddy got stuck in Washington DC due to delays from another plane crashing so he didn't make it home til late on the 14th! He came bearing roses and a stuffed animal for Ms Andreah!! Later on in February it was a rough time as Uncle Dimas passed away! That was a tough time for the whole family and I am so happy that the hospital allowed Andreah to go into his room and see him before he died when we went to El Paso! That really meant the world to me! It has been a long hard fight with cancer and unfortunately the Cancer won. We will miss him dearly but I know that he is up there watching down on us and probably still wondering why we are all so sad! He would have hated that! Erik is staying strong for his mom and she is staying strong for him! Please keep them in your prayers as they are having a very tough time dealing with this great loss. Now there are some positives about our sad loss, we were able to go home for a week and Andreah was able to meet family from California whom she had not met yet! She was able to see Celeste, Mark, Claudia and Mark Patrick. That was fun!!!
March came in like a Lion for us and seems to be going out like a Lion as well!!! Texas Spring Break brought Aunt Claudia, Uncle Pablo and cousins Omar, Emily, and Ale to Willcox!! Emily swore she was going to see Uncle Manuel in New York! For those of you who have been to Willcox, she was pretty surprised! I'm sure it was not at all what she expected! We had a great time with them all here. Andreah enjoyed having someone around her age here to play and fight with! We all went to the zoo and driving to Phoenix was a trip to remember! Two babies and Two "young adult" kids!!! We had too much fun and not enough laughs!!!!! March is almost over and our whirlwind of a life is only in phase one! In April we are going on a fun trip to San Diego and may even hit up Sea World (if Andreah is walking).
Here are some pictures to catch everyone up on the last few months!!!! We miss everyone and we send our love from Arizona!!

Phoenix Zoo


More Pics


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry it has been so long since our last update!

Well I have finally found time in our super busy last few weeks to update some things here on Andreah's website! Enjoy!!

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