Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you Tia Maryann!

Thank you for the cute onesies you sent us!! Andreah is almost able to fit even in the bigger ones!! I really loved the bright colors!! here she is wearing one of them!!! Thank you and see you in December!

Three most important things in our fashion life!!

1. A cute pair of jeans!!

2. Super "Hot" shoes!!

3. "Bling" on the ears!!! (lol)

Andreah learned a great lesson from her "Aunt Claudia V." over labor day weekend........... Fashion before function!!! We took it to heart!!!

Here are some cute pics of Andreah showin off her new jeans and new shoes....yes Mommy bought her gold shoes!!!

Check out my ears!!!

Well as if immunizations were not bad enough Mommy and Daddy had Andreah's ears pierced on Monday too!! Actually Andreah was a lot calmer than I had expected and thank goodness for the great tech at Claire's that pierced her ears. She was so fast and so nice to Andreah! Now Daddy tells Andreah that she has big "rocks" on her ears!!! She is learning young that "Diamonds are a girls best friend"

A trip to the lake!!

On one of our Sunday drives, Daddy took us to the lake atop Mt Graham!! It was so bumpy and it seemed so far but it was really worth it! The lake was nice and the views were amazing!! Here are some pics of me and Andreah at the lake and some pics of the views from up there!!!

We will sure miss our friends!

Last week was sad for us. Some wonderful friends of ours here in Willcox were transferred to Maine!!! In the past months Celeste and I had become, what I would consider, very good friends. She was a person i was able to talk to and relate to and just a fresh face when the day was rough! Jason and Manny had worked together here and Manny always spoke so highly of him. As for the two beautiful and extremely special little ladies...Handy Manny and I will definately miss them as well!! We used to always smile as we walked out to our truck and heard from across the street " Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi" until we said Hi back!! I dont know if McKenna and Kayla will miss "Manny's Dogs" but I know they will miss Manny and his need to give the girls all the sweets we had in the house before Celeste took them back home!!! I hope Maine is wonderful and I know you will make great friends. We will always keep in touch with you guys whether through the phone or through our blogs!!!

Mathie Family we definately are going to miss you!!!!

Here are some pics of McKenna, Kayla and Andreah!!

Go Irish!!!!

Andreah was hanging out with Daddy on Saturday watching the "Irish" kick butt!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My baby is growin!!!

I can't believe how quickly my baby is growing!! I remember seeing this pj and telling mom and Manny that she probably wouldn't fit into it until october! Looks like she will only fit into it until October!!! Makes me want to cry... I wish she could stay little forever!!! Here are some cute pics I took tonight after her bath...The headband was just for the pictures!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Vasquez Family

Don't they look so cute with a little girl!!!! Thank you guys for coming down we had a great weekend with you guys!! Can't wait to see you guys at the "big concert" Thanksgiving weekend!!! Bring your "A" game guys!! The Gonzalez familys been practicing!!!

Tia Lily with Andreah!

Tia Lily and Baby Andreah!!!

Grandpa Ray and his 'girls"

Here is Grandpa Ray and his "little" girls!!! Grandpa Ray is still trying to deal with his "baby" had a "baby!"

These pictures are priceless!!!!!!!!!!

These pictures are of the four generations!! How lucky for Andreah and Mark Patrick to be able to have this picture in their lifetime!!

Grandma Rose!!

We miss Grandma Rose sooo much!! I really love this picture mom and andreah look so great!!

Finally a picture of tio Esteban

Here is Andreah and her Tio Steve!!! Thank you Tio for letting us get this picture!

Baby Andreah meets more Sanchez's

Baby Andreah is happy here with Great Aunt Julie and her great cousin JD!!!

Baby Andreah meets the Perea's!!

Baby Andreah got to meet some of the Perea family and was lucky enough to be held by her "handsome" cousin Bobby!!! She also loved being held by her Great Tia Anna...she always fell asleep!!

Nino and the babies!!!!

Here are some cute pics of Nino Pitas and the kiddos!!!!

Beauty runs in the family!!!

Here is a great picture of the beautiful great grandkids!!! Wow so much cuteness captured all in one picture.....almost too much to handle!!! Here they are from left to right Jose, Sarai, Mark Patrick, Nesavay, Andreah and Alexis!!!

Thank you for my "Aguila" Grandpa

Here is Andreah holding on tight to her "aguila!" Thank you Grandpa Lely for all you do!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Enjoying Aunt Terry and Uncle Alonzo

Thank you for coming to see Andreah!! You guys mean the world to us!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Ok well here is an update on our family! Andreah is now almost two months old and thanks to God she is healthy and such a great baby! Manny and I are extremely blessed with this little one. We havent had to adjust to much because luckily mija sleeps anywhere from 5 to 7 hours at night. It has been wonderful! This weekend we went to El Paso for a few reasons, one was to take Grandma Rose home. That was so sad for us we got used to having grandma here and Andreah loved her arms!!! The other reasons we went home were to take Andreah to meet some family members that were not able to make it to Willcox! She was lucky enough to meet her cousins from Dallas which was actually really great for all of us!! We don't get to see them that often so any time with them is great time!!! Andreah is finally getting big enough for the little ones to try and hold her so there were some great pics taken with her cousins Bobby, Sarai, Nesavay, Alexis, Jose, and Mark Patrick. I hope you all enjoy the new pics I will be uploading!!!

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